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Adopt a Deadhead

The all new ONEC deadhead map is now available.  

Why you need to know:  Deadheads are to Rowing shells as Kryptonite is to Superman.  They can easily cause serious damage to a rowing shell or injury to the rower.

Are you interested in adopting a deadhead?

Your responsibilities include:

  1. Find a new deadhead on one of the ONEC rowing routes

  2. Log in to edit the Deadhead Jamboard by clicking "Adopt a Deadhead"

  3. Mark the map with the deadhead.  Give it a name and date of first sighting.

  4. You are now responsible for the deadhead... 


Did it move on the river?  You need to move it on the map. 

Did it just disappear, never to be seen again?  You need to delete it.