ONEC is committed to the safety of its members & guests while they are engaged in club related activities.


All members have both a duty of care to others and personal responsibility for ensuring that their actions, both on and off the water, are conducted in a way that does not compromise the safety of themselves or others. However, incidents do occur.



In a medical emergency, including a crew member being taken seriously ill or becoming unresponsive, immediately:

Raise the Alarm. Attract the attention of others.

If there are any hazards, make sure that the area is safe, but do not put yourself in harms way.

Dial 911


for emergency assistance:

Use a mobile phone to call emergency services and indicate the closest access location to the injured person.

If you are attending to the victim, direct the nearest person to call 911 and ensure you get a verbal confirmation they have made the call for help.

If a mobile phone is not available, proceed to the tennis pavilion and use the phone located directly inside the club house.


Stabilize the victim to the best of your abilities.

An AED is located at the ONEC waterfront in the Sailing equipment shipping container (one closest to the Rowing Equipment container). 


A First Aid Kit is located in the Rowing shipping container next to the club oars.


If out of your depth & unable to wade ashore, hold onto the capsized hull as a buoyancy aid & attempt to swim it to shore.

Do not attempt a rescue from another rowing scull - you are likely to tip over, putting more people in the water with no one to get help.

If the water is cold:

Get as much of your body out of the water as soon as possible, draping yourself over the up-turned hull (if necessary turn over the hull).

If possible, "buddy-up"; holding on to each other until rescued to provide mutual warmth and support and to help ensure all are accounted for.

Other scullers in the vicinity are to go for help, attract the attention of a motorboat if one is available and dial 911 if a mobile phone is available.

Be familiar with ONEC's cold water policy.

Never go out alone in yellow season.

If possible, make sure to send someone up to Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway to flag down the ambulance.



If the incident happens at the ONEC waterfront or out on the water, once the victim is stabilized and/or Ottawa Paramedic Services are on their way, contact the Tennis Pavilion staff at (613) 746 8540 to contact the ONEC President and Rowing Director.


The closest hospital to ONEC is the Montfort Hospital at:

713 Montreal Road


Travel east on the Sir George-Étienne Cartier Parkway to the Aviation Parkway. Drive south to Montreal Road and turn left – less than 5 KM total.

Make sure to always have your cell phone with you at the ONEC waterfront and out on the water incase you need to call for help.

Know where the Montfort Hospital is:


View map here

No matter how insignificant the injury may seem, driving someone to a hospital or medical clinic carries GREAT MEDICAL RISK to the injured and GREAT LEGAL RISK to the driver. Please call an ambulance or have an immediate family member/legal guardian drive instead.

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